The real March Madness

This Saturday I’ll be taking part in the 24-Hour Project, a brilliant, global documentary photography endeavor in which marginally stable people like me wander the streets with our cameras and upload a photo-an-hour all day long.

And when I say global, I mean global. There are 2,410 people taking part in 594 cities and 105 countries. Me, I want to see what Rupesh Singh in Nepal does with his day. And Geoffrey Gaspard, from Madagascar. Gotta figure his day won’t look quite like mine. And therein lies the beauty.

For my part, I’ll be taking to the streets of New York City with a great crew of like-minded sociopaths. We have a game plan (sort of) and are hellbent on making it through the entire 24 hours. True confession, I tapped out around the 12 hour mark last year. This time I’m relying on caffeine, the support of friends and whatever other chemicals I can lay hands on to pull me through to the finish line. If you’d like to follow my misadventures, I’ll be sharing my shots to Instagram (@ryan_vaarsi), among various other places.

See you on the other side!


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